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Cautions upon use

We assume no responsibility for any actions by users based upon their utilization of information from this website. Please be aware that there may be cases of interruption of the website’s operation or changes in the information at any time without prior notice. We likewise assume no responsibility for indirect damages, special damages, consequential damages, or incidental damages linked to loss of earnings resulting, etc. from incidents of use or non-use of this website.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  • We shall obtain personal information through fully lawful and fair means.
  • We shall make use of obtained personal information within the scope of the purposes indicated through notification or announcement. In the event of the need to make use of personal information beyond the defined purposes of use, with the exception of cases of orders or other directives pursuant to laws or ordinances, the consent of the party in question shall be obtained for such use.
  • In the interest of preventing unauthorized access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or other dangers pertaining to personal information, we shall both appoint personal information management supervisors and adopt appropriate security measures.
  • With the exception of cases pursuant to laws or ordinance, we shall not supply personal information to third parties without receiving the prior consent of the parties in question.
  • Upon our consignment of the handling of personal information to third parties within the scope of the defined purposes of use, contracts or other means shall be mobilized to exercise rigorous supervisory controls over the third parties in question.
  • Upon requests from parties in question for inquiries, changes, or deletions of the personal information of the said parties, we shall respond within a reasonable scope.
  • We shall establish personal information management regulations for the purpose of executing this Policy, while likewise striving to gain comprehensive knowledge of and maintain and improve the said regulations throughout the company.

Collection of access data

Google Analytics is utilized on this website for the purpose of access analysis. The web browser used for such access will automatically transmit stipulated information to Google. Examples of items contained in this information include the website addresses of pages accessed, IP addresses, and other data. Cookies settings may be made in browsers used by Google, and there may also be cases that include reading of existing cookies.

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