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Many products that run on electricity use Kyoto Elex’s conductive pastes.

What is conductive paste?

Conductive pastes are mixtures of metal powders such as silver and copper in resin. They connect electronic components and circuit board and allow electric current to flow.

Conductive pastes are used to support the following types of applications.

  • AutomobilesSupporting stable operation and safe driving

    The adoption of electronic components in automobiles has advanced from navigation systems and power steering to safety equipment and electronic control of engines. In recent years, electric vehicles have started to become more common, and autonomous driving has appeared. Conductive pastes, used in electronic components (filters, capacitors, and inductors) installed in various automotive devices and sensors for autonomous driving applications, support the stable operation of vehicles and safe driving.

  • Solar cells (Photovoltaic cells)Supporting high-efficiency power generation

    Solar cells are arranged in rows on photovoltaic panels. The silver-colored lines in the cells are the electrodes, and conductive paste is used here. By making electrodes thinner, increasing the area exposed to light, and applying innovations to the thickness of the electrodes, more power can be generated.

  • SmartphonesSupporting multiple functions and smooth operation

    Smartphones have numerous functions such as Internet communications, photography, calculation, and payment, and continue to evolve. They have multiple printed circuit boards with countless highly-detailed electronic components installed in a small body. Conductive pastes accurately convey electrical signals in the micro-world, supporting smooth operation.

  • PrintersSupporting high-speed printing

    Printers have become commonplace in offices, convenience stores, and homes. Thermal printers that use heat to print are used for printing documents and photographs as well as vouchers, tickets, product labels and bar codes used on products in stores, and more. Kyoto Elex conductive pastes are used in thermal heads that convey heat to the print media (recording media), supporting faster and more detailed printing.

  • Medical equipmentSupporting healthcare institutions protect the lives of patients

    Advanced medical devices such as CT scanners and MRI equipment require high image and information processing capabilities. What makes this possible is the “brain,” a highly integrated electronic component referred as a low-temperature co-fired ceramic substrate. Conductive pastes function as the “nerves” that connect the various functional electronic components within a limited space, contributing to accurate diagnoses.

  • PCs and game consolesSupporting noise control

    We of course expect PCs and game consoles to operate without errors. These devices are able to operate as expected because they are equipped with electric component that control “noise.” They remove interference so that electrical signals (information) can be accurately conveyed at all times, and conductive paste is essential for the reliability of these electronic components.

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